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Arendt Henrik Dodt und Suzanne Marie von Dockum

Posted by on May 4, 2011

Arendt Henrik Dodt und Suzanne Marie von Dockum (1) und Sophia Magdalene Lützen (2) (Strandgade, Denmark, b1733 – d1811 )

Danish Dodt Family Tree

Arendt Henrik Dodt b.1733 ñ d. 5. December 1811 ñ Married to 1. Suzanne Marie von Dockum 2. Sophia Magdalene Lützen(Father: ? Dodt, Mother: Baroness Gyldenkrone). Brother: Joost Peter D.

Lived as a merchant in Elisnore Denmark ñ Royal Agent ñ Lived Strandgade 91.

Frantz Martin Dodt b. 10. May 1766 ñ d. 13. December 1819 ñ Married to Cathrine de Stibolt

Children: Skjold + Viggo + Viktor + Beatus + Franciska + Alida + Mariane + Polly

Served in the Royal Danish Navy. Among other missions he faught the British Navy at the “Danish West Indies” (Carribbean). After the Mission he made a copperplate of the incident. This copperplate i still at this date on board the royal yacht “Dannebrog”.

Christian Harry Carl Adolf Louis Valdemar Beatus Dodt b. 25. November 1817 ñ d. 16. March 1903 ñ Married to Christine Marie Schütz. Children: Frantz + Beatus + Julie + Betsy + Elise + Alida + Oscar. Author, Pharmacist and Custom Officer (A friend of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen).

Alida Dodt b. ? ñ d. ? ñ Married to Matthias Dall

Children: Sophie Beate Christine Dall

Sophie Beate Christine Dall b. 24. June 1877 – married to Hans Broedsgaard Joergensen

Children: Christian Broedsgaard Dodt (Joergensen) + Frantz

Christian Broedsgaard Dodt ñ married to Anna Gudrun Rasmussen b. 12. November 1912 – d. 4. February 1995. Children: Per + Beate

Beate Broedsgaard Dodt b. 14. November 1942 ñ d. 11. August 2000.

Children: Mette + Mikkel + Katrine

Mikkel Dodt Fregerslev ñ b. 12. September 1971


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