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Owen Cavanough and Margaret Dowling

Posted by on May 31, 2011
1 Owen CAVANOUGH b: 20 JUN 1762 d: 27 NOV 1841
m. Margaret DOWLING b: 22 OCT 1766 d: 24 SEP 1834
2. James Henry Cavanough b: 18 Jul 1804 in Lower Portland, New South Wales, Australia
m. Esther Huxley b: 1 Jan 1817 in Lower Portland, New South Wales, Australia
3 Richard Cavanough b. 13 Mar 1843 Second Branch,  Colo River d. 10 Sep 1883 Thargomindah,  QLD ,
m. 1870 Charleville,  Qld  Charlotte WRIGHT b 1854
4 Thomas Edward CAVANOUGH b. 2 Nov 1873 Qld ,
m. Dezeppo Marie BEAUMONT ,
5 Thomas Edward Frederick CAVANOUGH b. 10 Dec 1914 Qld d: 1994,
m. Thelma Noreen Nilsson
7. Steven Dodt
m. Tracy Michelle Dodt
8. Karla Elise Dodt
8. Maja Katarina Dodt
8. Eva Belle Dodt
Owen Cavanough is Noreen Marie Cavanough’s grandchildren’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Owen Cavanough - The First Person ashore at Sydney Cove, Who was a Sailor from the Flagship  Sirius. Owen Cavanough arrived in Sydney Cove with Captain Phillip in 1788.
He married Margaret Darnell, a 7 year prisoner who arrived in the same fleet on board the Prince of Wales, in 1791,
and had several children. Margaret was sometimes known as Margaret Darling or Margaret Dowling.
Cavanough was born in Gosport England in 1762. He accompanied Phillip on the first expedition to Port Jackson from Botany Bay.  In March 1790 he was stranded at Norfolk Island when the Sirius was wrecked, he was discharged to become a settler on Norfolk Island.

Owen Cavanough met and married Margaret Darnell (also know by the names Darling and Dowling) while on Norfolk Island. On the 16 May 1791 he was located on 60 acres (Lot No 42) at Cascade Stream,  Phillipburn..  50 of his 60 acres was ploughable, of which he had cultivated 15 by October 1793.  He later sold this land.

The couple settled on their farm on  Norfolk Island where they had two children of their own, but sadly their first born Owen, died at 2 years of age and is buried on Norfolk Island.

In 1796 they returned to Port Jackson with the 2 children, one was William Green and the other Grace Cavanough, to live at the Hawkesbury. Owen acquired a boat which he used to transport grain and stores between Sydney and the Hawkesbury via Broken Bay.

In January 1798, seven absconders captured him and his boat in Broken Bay, together with a smaller boat, both of which were taken out to sea.  Cavanough with the owner of the second boat and one of the absconders, who gave up the idea of escaping, were placed in the smaller boat and later reached safety.

The absconders were eventually forced to give themselves up in March (two were hanged) and Cavanough’s boat was returned to him.  By 1807 Owen and Margaret had five more children.

In 1803 Owen was granted 100 acres at Mulgrave Place and by 1806 farming was proving viable, although in 1809 he was working as a stockman.

In the mid 1800’s he owned three hogs and had two acres sown in wheat and eight ready for planting maize.  The land was recorded as rented from a Mr. Boston.  He was on stores as were his wife and children.  Two years later Cavanough had 15 of 30 acres at Mulgrave Place sown in wheat, barley and maize with 14 bushels of maize on hand.  He, his wife, five children and a free servant were off stores; but he owed the government 14 bushels of maize and 12 of wheat.

In 1820 Cavanough held land at Portland Head, in 1825 he was listed as a land holder in the Wilberforce district, recorded as formerly a seaman on “Ceres” (Sirius).  In 1828 he was farming 60 acres at Lower Portland Head, aged 66, his wife Margaret, then aged 61 was still with him.

At the age of seventy-nine, Owen accidentally drowned on 27 November 1841 at Wheeney Creek on the Hawkesbury.
Owen Cavanough was buried in the Wesleyan Churchyard at Sackville Reach, but later re-interred at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, on ground he gave the Church.  He left six surviving children.


“Owen Cavanough, a seaman on the HMS Sirius, was the bowman of the sea boat that brought Captain Phillip ashore,” he said.
“He had to leap out with the rope and drag the boat on shore – because you’d imagine the officers wouldn’t leap out and get their stockings wet.”
Mr Andersson said his forebear married Margaret Darnell, an Irish convict who was also part of the First Fleet, and set up home in the Windsor area near the settlement to grow crops.
There were some wild times for Cavanough, Mr Andersson said – he got caught up in the Rum Rebellion and was also captured by runaway convicts.
“He convinced some of them to give up – the ones that didn’t were caught and hung.”
Mr Andersson gave each of his grandchildren a certificate during a family dinner last night.
“When I grew up, I didn’t know any of this – I thought my family started with my grandmother,” he said.
“Australia Day didn’t mean as much to the extent that it suddenly does now to my family.”

c.1762 – 1841

Sackville Reach, NSW



3 Richard Cavanough b. 13 Mar 1843 Second Branch, Colo River d. 10 Sep 1883 Thargomindah, QLD 
      m. 1870 Charleville, Qld  Charlotte WRIGHT 
      4 Richard Charles CAVANOUGH b. 10 Jul 1871 Qld 
      4 Thomas Edward CAVANOUGH b. 2 Nov 1873 Qld 
        m. Dezeppo Marie BEAUMONT 
        	5 Bella Charlotte CAVANOUGH b. 11 Jul 1907 Qld 
        	5 Laura Alfield CAVANOUGH b. 23 Apr 1909 Qld 
        	5 Ilean May CAVANOUGH b. 25 Jan 1911 Qld 
        	5 Myrtle Patricia Josephine CAVANOUGH b. 14 Jul 1913 Qld d. 9 Nov 1913 Qld 
        	5 Thomas Edward Frederick CAVANOUGH b. 10 Dec 1914 Qld d: 1994

                  + Thelma Noreen Nilsson
                  + Maisie UNKNOWN

      4 William John CAVANOUGH b. 20 Nov 1875 Qld 
      4 James Arthur CAVANOUGH b. 1880 
        m. 6 Oct 1912 Qld  Julia COX 
      4 Catherine Ester CAVANOUGH b. 16 Apr 1882 Qld 
        m. 22 Feb 1905 Qld  William Paul SULLIVAN 
        5 Catherine Doris SULLIVAN b. 11 Dec 1909 Qld 
        5 Cecil Joseph SULLIVAN` b. 5 Jan 1912 Qld 
        5 Johannah May SULLIVAN b. 25 Nov 1914 Qld 
        5 Jeremiah Vincent SULLIVAN b. 30 Oct 1907 Qld 
        5 William James SULLIVAN b. 21 Feb 1906 Qld 


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