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Leba – Łeba

Posted by on November 23, 2012

Like the rest of the little “towns” in Pommern that I visited, there’s nothing too much German about them nor any semblance of their Germanic Past… pretty much wiped off the face of time as if it never happened. Wikipedia explains it this way… “The German language was banned from public schools, government media and church services. Many German monuments, graveyards, buildings or entire ensembles of buildings etc. were demolished. Objects of art were moved to other parts of the country. German inscriptions were erased, including those on religious objects, in churches and in cemeteries”.

That said, Łeba is a nice coastal township, it has a very Ibiza Party feel to it, but is surrounded by the woodland forests I saw all over Pommern from Łeba to Lębork. This dense forest left me with the impression that farming and travel wouldn’t have been easy back in the 1800s when our ancestors lived in this area. In fact the relative lack of progress in the last hundred or so years in Pommern may in part explain why the Dodts left so willing, even before the War or the establishment of the Polish Corridor or the decision to expel Germans from the Recovered Territories.


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