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Where did the Australian Dodts emigrate from?

Chyebassa 1874
Posted by on May 8, 2011

Two distinct families emigrated to Australia from Prussia (Germany) in the mid 1800s. The families headed by Johann Dodt (Gatton) and Gustav Dodt (Gympie) both settled in Queensland. A third, Carolina Dodt, emigrated also from Prussia and settled in Gympie (Queensland). Carolina was 19 years older than Gustav and 7 years older than Johann respectively.

I have never found a document which links the three families together, but the following information is very convincing.

Johann and Auguste Dodt emigrated (Chyebassa) London 7 April 1885 – Brisbane 3 June 1885. Johann was born (1826) in Kerschkow Pommern (Kierzkowo), which is only 1km from where Gustav Dodt married Henriette Personke at Osieki Lęborskie.

Gustav and Henriette Dodt (37) emigrated (Reichstag) from Hamburg 18 July 1873 to Maryborough Australia with three on their five children. Gustav was born in Schwartow Pommern (Zwartowo) and married Henriette Personke in Ossecken Pommern (Osieki Lęborskie). Their sons Friedrich (Łętowo) and Karl (Landhoss) were also born in Pommern, which is now part of Poland.

Adolph Dodt who’s parents were Johann Dodt and Auguste Dubke, emigrated (Chyebassa) Plymouth 14 Feb 1884 – Cooktown 4 April 1884. “Adolf” Albert Dodt was born in Bargędzino (1859). Bergensin is less than 20km from where his father Johann Dodt was born in Kerschkow. Adolph’s brother, Theodor emigrated (Roma) London 16 Mar 1887 – Brisbane 28 Jun 1887. “Theodor” Dodt was also born in Bargędzino, Lębork (1865).

Carolina Dodt was born in Kerschkow (1816), which is the same location as Johann Dodt (1826) and only 1km from where Gustav Dodt was married at Osieki Lęborskie.

The children of Johann and Gustav were born less than 20km away from each other in Pommern, whereas the two original Dodt Fathers were born less than 12km apart.


  1. One American Dodt family, headed by George Dodt, originated from Wejherowo which is only 43km from where Gustav was born.
  2. There is also a Karl Dodt who was born in Freest (Wrzeście), which is approximately 13km from Zwartowo, where Gustav Dodt was born. Karl’s family never migrated away Pommern, instead only leaving the area following the end of World War II.

Could these Families be related too??

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Chyebassa 1874

Chyebassa 1874


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Reichstag 1867




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